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What is openradiodirectory.org?

Openradiodirectory.org is a free, Icecast-compatible yellow pages (YP) server. People running Icecast streaming media servers can configure their servers to point to openradiodirectory.org's YP setup and get their stations listed and linked in this directory.

Why? For whatever reason, Xiph.org no longer lists mp3-based stations in their online directory.

As of Oct. 23, 2006, Xiph.org/Icecast is listing 'non Ogg' stations in their directory again.

In the interest of getting some YP redundancy and variation in the mix, however, I will continue to operate openradiodirectory.org

Icecast is an amazing project. In my opinion Icecast the best streaming audio server available. So I figure I'd throw some software and hardware towards the cause.

(Shoutcast, as a matter of policy, doesn't list Icecast servers in their directory... but that's another story.)

Icecast has some old CGI code you can use to run your own directory listings, but I just took their spec and wrote some PHP/MySQL to maintain these listings.

These listings are a work in progress, so I'd appreciate your patience and comments as I refine the code.

Hey, are you going to add ...

Clustered servers support? Yes.
RSS and XML? Yes. Done!
Sort by genre/bitrate/name? Yes. Done!
(other features nobody has mentioned yet here) Sure.

Please give me a few weeks to beta this new PHP code out and then I'll start rolling features in.

Who runs openradiodirectory.org?

I do. (Actually, for legal resaons, this does.) I've been spending a lot of time working with online radio, and specifically with Icecast, so I've spent a lot of long nights poking around the Icecast internals.

Icecast is a great server, and Xiph/Ogg is ten kinds of awesome as well. I'd just like a place to list all these great Icecast-based stations out in the world, regardless of what codec they're using.

bhance (at) gmail.com